Derma Wand

The DermaWand is an at home beauty device created to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, remove deep wrinkles, reduce laugh lines and visible aging on the face. Christina Kove was inspired to create The DermaWand Care System after having a radio frequency treatment and liking the results of the treatment. With the help of an engineer, Christina Kove created the Derma Wand.

How it Works

The DermaWand is a smaller version of the large radio frequency machines that doctors use to provide professional treatments in the reduction of premature aging The DermaWand give instant stimulation, massage, enriches oxygen and gives thermal energy. With the Dermawand you can get the same results as going to a doctor and having a professional treatment with one of the large radio frequency machines but in the comfort of your own home and at a much lower cost. Look younger by only having a few minutes of treatment with the DermaWand each day.

Three Week Trial Results

Lifestyle blogger Connie participated in a three-week trial use of The Dermawand Care System for website Baby to Boomer. In a detailed post Connie explains her use of the DermaWand and the results she achieved after three weeks. The initial treatment to the facial area was done every day for one to two minutes. It was only late when some results were seen that the treatment was done only two to three times a week and not every day of the week. When you buy The DermaWand Care System it comes with a cream and moisturizer and other beauty products that are supposed to be used in conjunction with the DermaWand. These beauty creams are very expensive. Connie substituted her preferred creams instead. No noticeable improvement was noticed after three weeks.